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Re: [IP] Re: C-Peptide and Medicare

A C-Peptide may seem redundant in our eyes, but out of MM's mouth, and
having filled out the paperwork and gone for that redundant test, they want
that 'proof' anyway.  They won't accept anyone who's above .05.  I've been
IDDM for 30yrs now, and they still required the test, BUT when I called MM
in dire need of supplies, and still not having rec'd the bloody paperwork,
they sent me 10 sils SAMPLES, and syringes to go with
them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They say ten is the max they can send
for samples.  OMG   *&*
They appologized for neglecting to send the paperwork.........  Heck, I got
the 'samples'  <VBG> two days later and the paperwork a couple of days after
I felt like a Loon on a crisp morning just as the last of the mist rises
from a lake...

lisa ann
33, iddm 30
assimilation 9/89

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