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[IP] More unhospital stories

Ok, after reading about your unfortunate experience, I had to tell my own.
Bear in mind this occurred years before the pump was developed, but having
had diabetes since age 10, I had definitely had my share of hospital stays
for DKA with the flu, etc. etc.
    Anyway, I was roughly 20 yrs. old and again in a county hospital in
Maryland for my diabetes. At sometime this one afternoon I began to feel
shaky and light-headed, no I didn't bring my own testing stuff with me. So I
buzzed the nurse button and told her I feel very hungry and believe I need
some orange juice. A few minutes later, I heard her say, "I'm sorry Mrs. K,
but I don't believe you're scheduled for an afternoon snack." Or something
like that, I was already losing it.  My husband came in at about 7 PM and
found me in the hospital bed, unconscious and convulsing! He later told me
that after he yelled his head off and they gave me several glugagon shots,
he asked what I had eaten for dinner? Their response? The aide took her a
tray, but she was asleep, so after an hour or so, she came back and removed
it! I was asleep??!! My Dr. did royally ream them out, and then instructed
my husband to go down to the gift shop and buy candy bars, which I was to
keep in my nightstand, and to eat as soon as I felt I needed something! So,
I was young and naive about hospital care, but I definitely learned
something. If I want to be ok, I have to do whatever I can to care for
myself!! That experience made me stand up for myself several times later,
like telling the nurse, "No, you will not stab my fingertip with that lancet
you're waving like a club hammer, I'll do the test myself with my own
device, thank-you! You may observe however." I swear some of them do stab
that needle in you till you'd think it would appear through your nail on the
other side!
    So, speak up all you patients, and if they knock you under or out, be
sure someone you know and trust will be there to speak for you!
    Rosemary K
    Wife and mother of 4 kids, 3 dogs and 3 turtledoves too. I gotta stick
around, somebody has to feed and clean up after this crowd!

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