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[IP] Re: letter to Minimed

<part of original post>
<On another subject:   I mailed my letter to MM CEO  Al Mann on May
10th. Got an email from someone else saying I would hear from him.  I
have never heard another word about selling cannulas separately.
Anyone hear anything.  I think I need to copy the original letter and
re-send it with a big question mark drawn in the middle.  Don't you.
How discourteous of the CEO to ignore his customers.>

No Bonnie, I haven't had ANY response from MM at all.

I was thinking about storing up a bunch of sils tubing packages (where
I've used the cannula part but don't need the tubing) and sending it to
them, asking why the waste (and expense!). Hmmm....maybe if we all
pooled our unneeded tubing, we could send them a BIG package they
couldn't ignore!!

What think ye?

Todd (in a bit of a mischievous mood...)

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