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[IP] We've come a long way baby!

My now 12 year old son has had diabetes over 11 years, pumping 5 years.  This 
summer he's attending a local day camp where he takes 12 different classes 
per week.  I sent him with a brief note about diabetes and the pump, stapled 
to indications of hypoglycemia, which he gives to each teacher.  I am really 
proud of how well he's handling it all.  So far he's tested his bg 2x each 
day while there.  I sweated out these types of situations for years and I'm 
actually reaching a comfort threshold with diabetes I never thought I could 
achieve.  Mind you I'm FAR FROM COMPLACENT, but WOW we've come a long way.  

Very sincerely yours,

Ellen H. Ullman

Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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