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Re: [IP] Re: cost of pump

In a message dated 6/28/00 7:43:46 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Can anyone out there tell me an approx. monthly cost of the pump? >>

I recently got a shipment from Minimed that cost me $100 and change.  The 
covered items (reservoirs, silhouettes, and batteries) were covered at 90%, 
but my insurance didn't cover the Bard wipes or Tegaderm tape, which I 
believe made us about $36 of that.  The amount sent is supposed to last 3 
months if I change every 2 days, but since I usually can go 3 days it lasts 
me over 4 months usually.  You can go to the website to get exact prices.  
The reservoirs, infusion sets, and batteries will be needed by everyone; a 
lot of people don't need any extra tape, but I think most do use some sort of 
wipe or prep.  So I figure at 90% coverage, if you can get 3 days out of the 
set, the cost would be about $10 per month plus the cost of wipes or tape 
(which might not be much if you can get insurance to cover it)

Linda Z
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