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[IP] girl scout camp for geneva .. YES!

I just have to share with other parents how impressed I am with a particular
girl scout camp that geneva is now attending in arnold, CA.  it is located
in the foothills of the sierras.  lovely weather, no bugs and it has
horseriding and very cool adventure programs as well.

the reason that I am excited is that these folks have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY
to accommodate geneva et pump.   the director at this time happens to be a
gestational dmer and her two daughters are both IDDM.  (one actually on oral
meds because she tested positive in the DPT trials and is on preventative
therapy).  her best friend pumps!   needless to say, after talking with her
I felt totally at ease about sending geneva to a non D camp this summer.

geneva left monday am, and she is able to call me whenever she wishes.  the
counselors are all informed about pumping and the director makes sure that
everyone knows the ropes about her situation.  I have called two times and
both times they had "just been discussing geneva".  just now,  they weren't
sure if geneva could be involved in the 'ropes ' course.  they were
concerned about pump.  were going to call me to ask!!!  how considerate.

they are sending in someone to awaken her at midnight to test.  the first
night they couldn't awaken her and the counselor came back to tell director.
director said...wake her up!  she needs to test!  when they finally got her
up....geneva was in such a deep sleep that she threw a smartie in her mouth
and went back to sleep.  of course it would appear that she was not in need
of sugar.  her level was 265. the counselor got her up again to correct.

this particular director is so on top of things that she made sure that the
local clinic in the tiny hamlet of arnold got a copy of my ER 'what to do'
page prior to geneva coming to camp.  she also procured through minimed a
copy of some info for diabetes educators about the pump.  how to work it,
etc.  this was done without MY request!    she asked me if geneva had
started her period yet.  (no)   and she wanted to let me know that it was
very common for the girls to get their 1st periods at camp, particularly if
one already had it there.  (the college dorm-mate , in the air hormonal
weirdness that makes women living together have same cycles)  she then
proceeded to tell me what I have read on this list....that BGs go way up at
this time.

anyway...I feel so incredibly comfortable knowing that geneva is in such
good hands and I pass this info along so that if any of you have a daughter
who would like to attend this amazing camp,  it is called   Camp Sugar Pine
in CA.

what a great first non D camp experience.  wish geneva's public school
experience could be so easy.

mom to geneva, age 11

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