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[IP] Yippee!

I've been pumping exactly one year today.
 Boy have I had a lot of experiences, which I'll spare
the details of, but I have to admit
--1-- I FINALLy know what it's like to be IN control
of diabetes, NOT it in control of me (even though
forever I thought *I* was in control)
--2--, my bg have been better but still bad on teh
whole, my a1c is running right at 7.0 though, but the
past 3 days, I've really been trying, watching my diet
and all--well, 3 days and ALL my bg before meals are
under 80 (and over 50)
--3--I'm PROUD of my pump,and from hearing you all
here, we have every right to wear it, show it, and
educate about it!
--4--I go to Governor's School in 2 weeks (and I found
out I got the class I wanted, "Blood and Guts") and I
am NOT the least bit worried about any serious
diabetes problems..my biggest concern is how the hech
am I going to carry all the darn infusion sets!
--5--Now, Diabetes is not the first thing on my mind,
rather college, friends, and work. 
--6--I've used my pump and other issues to come to
terms with diabetes so that I can help other kids with
--7--I've learned I'm not the only one with D
(although I'd like to find another pumper in my city!)
and I've met a zillion great folks.

And, not d related, I have to brag, even after 300s
adn all the such, I pulled off straight A's in even AP
classes, and my hs gpa is now a 4.15 on a 4 scale!!
And my SATs went up 150 points in one month!
 Happy and finally feeling at ease!

Opinionated PagerGirl-
 ~~Anything is possible with determination, motivation,and a good sense of humor~~

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