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Re: [IP] Washington March(long)

    I have personally met Peter Van Etten, the CEO of JDFI, and believe me, 
this man "gets it". I have to concur with his analysis of your intentions, 
particularly given the feedback we received from him at the JDF conference in 
Washington DC in May. 
    One year ago this month, 100 children with diabetes descended on Capitol 
Hill for a well-orchestrated "Children's Congress" that received extensive 
media coverage. The children sang a song conceived for the event called 
"Promise to Remember Me" & following that theme, JDF members nationwide were 
encouraged to visit their local govt. officials for a "photo op" and, even 
more importantly, to transmit the message that diabetes NEEDS more govt. 
funding for cure research. The photos received during the year were assembled 
in an "album" distributed at the conference, containing over 400 photos of 
families who live with diabetes, meeting with their elected officials. One 
even took place at a hospital in Mass, when the child who was supposed to 
meet her congressman was hospitalized with complications from having had the 
flu and being diabetic!  In addition, on Thursday May 18, busloads of 
advocates wandered the halls of Congress, stopping by the US govt. officials' 
offices to deliver the same message. Yeah, but...were they even heard, you 
may wonder?
   Well, 2 nights later, Peter Van Etten, told the 600 or so assembled 
JDF-ers that Rep. John Porter of Illinois, who has been an ardent diabetes 
supporter, told him that about 12 of his colleagues had stopped him in the 
hall to ask "Who ARE these JDF people who were all over the place today & by 
the way, what ARE we doing for them???"
    So to those of you who were "reved-up" for the idea of a diabetes March 
march, don't despair - you can still be very effective getting involved with 
the governmental advocacy efforts of organizations like JDF - or even ADA, 
which is taking on more of a "political profile" nowadays. I would think that 
simply explaining the enormous benefits to be accrued by a populace of 
diabetics using CSII instead of injections would attract interest from a 
politician concerned with rising medical costs??? There is always MORE to be 
done; & just as with the donations to this wonderful web resource, if 
everyone assumes "the next guy" will take care of it, our collective strength 
becomes diluted. 
   And lastly ( before I get THROWN off my soapbox by Sara SP) don't 
under-estimate what a difference even a small effort can make. The breast 
cancer semi-postal stamps ( the ones that cost 40 cents apiece) will be taken 
out of circulation July 29th - two years after they went on sale. Those extra 
7 pennies ( initially it was 8) from every stamp sold will total $20 MILLION 
for breast cancer research when the stamps are exhausted. (I think I 
personally bought about 2000!!). The plans were submitted by JDF for a 
comparable diabetes awareness stamp over 2 years ago, by the way.

Regards, Renee ( pump mom)
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