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[IP] Re: CA insurance law question

> I don't know about the law but last time I had BC in N. Calif they
> eventually gave in.  That was in the mid 90s.  May be a tactics
> problem.
> > I've been unable to access the ADA site today.  I get the 'This page cannot
> > be displayed,' browser error.  Since I just changed jobs, I was wondering
> > if this might be due to our firewall or DNS.  Can anyone else out there
> > access http://www.diabetes.org/?
> >
> > The reason I want to acces it is that I'm in the midst of signing up for
> > benefits.  The BC/BS HMO option looks good to me but I can't find any
> > information on coverage for pump supplies.  I've asked HR to find out, but
> > so far nothing.  I think that by California law they are required to cover
> > these things but don't want to sign up until I know for sure.
> >

I quote from my BC/BS (calif) policy, the changes that went into 
effect when the new law mandating diabetes coverage went into effect.

"...... Benefits are provided for diabetes outpatient self-management 
training, education and medical nutrition therapy that is Medically 
Necessary to enable a Subscriber to properly use the devices, 
equipment and supplies, and any additional outpatient self-management 
training, education and medical nutrition therapy when directed or 
prescribed by the Person's Physician. Services will be covered when 
provided by Phusicians, registered dieticians or registered nurses 
who are certified diabetes educators."

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