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Re: [IP] Short term goal - get a pump!

> We have been trying to convince an endo for almost a year that Cory
> NEEDS a pump. We are now on the 3rd endo and it is looking very
> promising.  We go back to the endo next month and the nurse agrees
> Cory really needs a pump.  

A slight correction to the line of thinking if you don't mind. Cory 
needs treatment for his diabetes. The best and most up-to-date 
treatment is CSII using insulin pump therapy -- it is recognized as 
the "gold standard" for diabetes management. The question should 
be.... " is there some reason to deny this child the most up-to-date 
treatment for his diabetes". It is a treatment recognized and paid 
for by medicare, it is a treatment used by over 50% of all doctors, 
nurses, and other medical professionals that have type 1 diabetes. 
This is not about him "needing" a pump, but rather about denying him 
the "standard" of treatment for proper diabetes management.

Go on the offensive on this one.

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