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<<...at 124 at bedtime so I took a correction to get me back to 100 (my 
bedtiem target number). At 3am, I was 28. Woke up at 120, took .5 to corect 
and woke up at 68 with a huge bruise and blood lump on my arm:) This was my 
first severe nighttime low. Any idea what happened?>>

It is NOT a good idea to try to correct the BG of 124 and 120 during sleep 
hours ESPECIALLY after  a low BG. You need to be a little more lenient with 
sleep hour BGs even when not low.  Your liver needs some time to replace the 
glycogen it converted to glucose and dumped into your system. I doesn't sound 
as if there was much reserve to dump, since you only went to 124 and 120 with 
treating the low BGs. The large piece of pie has a lot of fat it the crust, 
so the pie was slower in releasing glucose into your system. The insulin 
going into your vein usually gets to your liver quicker than the insulin 
absorbing through the subcutaneous layer  and the amount of insulin (unknown 
?) may have had an early effect on your liver preventing it from dumping 
glucose. I hope this isn't too confusing.

Barbara B.
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