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[IP] pumping while in surgery & the Soft Serter CRUTCH

I am so surprised by the "fight" some of us have had regarding keeping the 
pump on while in surgery.  I have been on several pumps in the last almost 17 
years and in that time I have had surgery on my hands four times, two 
c-sections, and one laser surgery on my eye.  Throughout all of this, I was 
NEVER asked to take the pump off.

Only for the C-sections was I told to put the infusion set in "as high on the 
abdomen" as I could.

I live in St. Louis and grew up in a small town three hours north of here and 
I imagine that if I would be in my former hometown, keeping the pump on would 
have been a fight.  So many of the doctors there were backwards, like my old 
doc who I almost demanded to be put on a two shot a day schedule when I was 
nineteen.  Went back after I was put on the first pump and showed him how it 

Keep up the fight to keep your pumps.  During and immediately after each of 
these seven surgeries my blood sugar never got above 170.  I truly believe it 
helps with recovery and healing not to be also battling high or rollercoaster 
blood sugars.

Oh by the way, Minimed nicely came out with the Soft Serter about one month 
before my first surgery on my hands.  I was so happy to get mine because if I 
would have had a problem with the site and would have had to change sooner 
than the planned three days, I would have had to go to my endocrinologists 
office for help from his RN, CDE.  My husband won't touch any of my diabetes 
stuff.  I think he is afraid of blood or germs or who knows, maybe the Boogie 
man.  I was able to manage it all one handed (even with my right hand 
bandaged) with this device.  I love mine and would feel lost without it.

Carole H.
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