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[IP] Insurance Ed Classes

$35.00 a course??  Oh you guys.

When I went on the pump (June '81 or '80) I was given a few rudimentary 
lessons in dealing with the pump (this is the on button, this is the bolus 
button, this is how to dilute insulin) a course in dilution and basal rates 
(which the nurse didn't really understand the math behine and I ended up 
teaching her) and a five second course in needle insertion (like this) and 
taping (like that).

I had to do my first one later that day because the one she put in was so bad.

I remember paying about $3000.00 in 'education fees' to the doctors office for 
the time the doctor staff spent learning about the pump!!  I didn't really get 
charged for seperate pump 'courses' but of course it better had been included 
in the 3K!

Since then I really haven't had any 'up to date' courses in pump use or 

I received my next 7 or 8 pumps in the mail, direct to my home, with the 
instruction booklets (except for a CPI pump that I borrowed from my doctor as 
a trial and I got about the same help with this).

I got my first teflon catheter (actually an IV teflon that I just connected a 
luer lock extension tube to in order to use as infusion syringe) with another 
three minute education lesson (this one had to include icing the site and 
pulling the steel needle out and connecting the luer lock without messing up 
the site and then taping the whole huge mess down safely for two or three 

When I finally get my 508 (hopefully before the 511 is out) I will again train 
from the manual (as I did with AutoSrynge 6-100, Autosyringe 6-MP, 
AutoSyringe-Eugly, BD pump and the 506, 507 and 507 pumps and whatever else I 
used as well.

If anyone wants to teach me how to use the pump I'd welcome the education but 
I'm a horrible student (I probably scare off the educators in my doctors 


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