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RE: [IP] Coverage for pump education classes

> Here's a side question to the education 
> coverage issue:  Would it be advisable for 
> an experienced MDI diabetic to start pumping 
> prior to receiving formal training, assuming 
> that they have studied all the materials 
> supplied with the pump?
> I have my pump and am anxious to start using 
> it, but I'm waiting to hear from the rep about 
> getting trained.
I may get lambasted for this response, but here goes:

*) You know better what you're capable of than any 
training rep does, AND its up to you to decide if you 
want to risk being wrong.

*) You will most likely piss off your doc/nurse by 
jumping the gun... They HATE it when you do that.  
Takes away their opporotunity to look all intelligent 
and stuff... (In other words, never fool yourself, 
medical 'care' is 50% patients working with physicians, 
50% twisted game of cat and mouse)

*) In the end your body is your choice.  Just consider 
your reasons for making a choice before you make it.

-Sara G.

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