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Re: [IP] Medicare Coverage

In a message dated 6/28/00 2:06:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  to 
>   >  Medicare.
>   >   >If Medicare only allows for a one month supply at a time in most 
>   >  but my
>   >   >first insurer requires me to order every three months-how will this 
>  work 
>   > out?
>   >   >
>   >   >Kathie
>   >   >----------------------------------------------------------
>   >  This would depend on who is the Primary carrier.  If it's Medicare, 
>   >  will only be allowed one month (ten sets and associated supplies, and 
> ten 
>   >  cartridges per month).
>   >  
>   >  David
>   The Primary carrier is not Medicare.  Medicare is second.   How will the 
>   above work?
>   Kathie >>
>  Hi Kathie If I were you I would call your insurance company to see who is 
>  primary. Medicare doesn't cover drugs at this time. That would explain how 
>  you have been getting your meds from the insurance CO. I would also 
>  you have the pump CO do the leg work on who covers what. If you are able 
>  get BC/BS to pay for pump supplies in a 3 month time frame PLEASE let me 

I realize that Medicare does not cover drugs at this time.  Medicare does 
cover pump supplies on a one month at a time basis.  My first insurer CIGNA 
covers my pump supplies currently at 80%.  I wish to have Medicare, my second 
insurer, cover the remaining 20%.  My first insurer requires me to order a 
three month supply when ordering-Medicare requires me to order supplies 
monthly.  How can this work for insurance reimbursement purposes?   What am I 
not understanding here?

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