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Re: [IP] pancakes

As I said in the message that I sent only to Robin (by mistake) when I make 
pancakes at home from a mix the package lists 28 carbs for a third of the 
package I usually end up with about 3 pancakes so then approximately 28 g 
per pancake. If you eat three of these and only count 20g you missed a total 
of 24g which is for me a little more than a unit. (I'm still doing shots so 
don't know the exact bolus).

Robin sent this response back to me:
"thanks. We ended up with just over 1.4 correction before returning to 
normal,so you are most correct!"

As I see it it could be a combination of estimating the syrup and the 
pancakes. Just the amount of carbs estimated for the pancakes caught my 

(Waiting for pump approval from the insurance)

>I don't know carbs for pancakes (but am sure somene here will!) but just a 
>since we had pancakes at my mother in laws last weekend.  Syrup is fast but 
>not have quite as many carbs as you'd expect -- depending on what syrup and 
>important how much.  I think 1/4 a cup had something like 50 and that's a 
>dose of syrup.  But pancakes have fat -- could the all night 350  thing be 
>extended tale from the pancakes?  I'm curious to see what others will think 
>this one.

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