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Re: [IP] pancakes

> So how much should I count a pancake that is a little bigger than the
> average. We ate at Cracker Barrel. We guessed 20/pancake and 20 for the
> lil bottle of syrup. (1.7 ounces)  I think we went wrong with the syrup.


When we were camping last week, I did the same thing with pancakes...& I
credit a serious miscalculation for the syrup.  High carbo/glucose items in
liquid form kick in MUCH more quickly in my system than solids do.  Aside
from probably mis-approximating the amount (somehow in the pouring process,
I think it manages to look like less than it actually is, volume-wise), I
think I probably should've bolused a little in advance, to give the insulin
time to prep for the "sudden attack"...another one of those "live & learn"


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