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[IP] when sites attack...

There's one other thing to be aware of for pending or new pumpers...
putting the set into a vein. I say down last night at 11pm and had a huge
serving of apple pie ice cream (yum!)and bolused 4 units into my new set
(the old site lasted 6 days and I wanted to a a catrtride and set change).
15 minutes later I felt drunk and tested my sugar- 38, after a cup and a
half of ice cream...oops, vein:) I immediately yanked out the rapid and we
have to steam clean the carpet now...my husband had never seen a serious
gusher before and hit the floor. I ate glucose tabs while trying to get him
to come to, I moved Fluffy, ate 3 more glucose tabs and was at 124 at
bedtime so I took a correction to get me back to 100 (my bedtiem target
number). At 3am, I was 28. Woke up at 120, took .5 to corect and woke up at
68 with a huge bruise and blood lump on my arm:) This was my first severe
nighttime low. Any idea what happened?


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