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[IP] Tape Question

>...I know I have only been pumping for a few weeks but by the second day 
>the tape itches like heck.  Does any one have any ideas to help this?

Hi, Sam. The first few times I used a dressing (tape), it itched like 
CRAZY, also starting on the second day. I was all too happy when it came 
time to change the set. But that reaction faded -- it took a few months -- 
the itch is now intermittent and is hardly noticeable.

>Is my skin just not use to it yet?

Yes, that's probably all it is. Many of us suffer this horrid itch at 
first. Some may offer you all kinds of tips to alleviate it. My salve is 
patience -- just give it a while. Meanwhile, scratch!

regards, Andy

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