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Rosemary Said: ".....I therefore bestow upon each of you the S.W.I.F.T.
award, in recognition
of your delightful blend of : Sarcasm, Wit, Irony, Fun,Technical and Tender
responses!! ........ site is the ONLY place I've ever found such a hugh
collection of talent, goofiness, information and frustration all mixed
together by many participants. I mean where else can you get mad, laugh and
sympathize all in one digest reading?? ....."

And we accept, Rosemary, Thank you.   I agree with you - and dearly wish I
could meet each and every one of our pumpers face to face and bestow a hug.
I have only talked to a few in person and adore them.  The learning is
incredible.  Smart endos everywhere should be part of this group (to
listen/read only).    Thank you for your kind words!   and Power to the

On another subject:   I mailed my letter to MM CEO  Al Mann on May 10th.
Got an email from someone else saying I would hear from him.  I have never
heard another word about selling cannulas separately.    Anyone hear
anything.  I think I need to copy the original letter and re-send it with a
big question mark drawn in the middle.  Don't you.  How discourteous of the
CEO to ignore his customers.

Bonnie Richardson

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