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[IP] pumping for surgery

> Subject: Re: [IP] pumping for surgery
> Jan,
> ...    Anyone feel like thy need to train the medical world about pumps.
> think that they are taking care of you but if something happens they don't
> know what to do excet call the endo.
>     Amie

Don't know if you're talking to *she Jan* (& Elvis) or *me Jan* (& Bluda
Sue) but since we were both in on this, I'll speak anyway. <gr>  When I had
a vitrectomy in Indianapolis (state capitol) in '97 (*olden days* 3 years
ago)they had never seen a pump before. When I awakened about 9:30 p.m. I
asked for dinner and they said I had missed it but did have some food
around. They told me what my BG was and my endo (whom they called in north
central Indiana) said what to give me - and since no one knew how to work
the pump, they would give me a shot. I was all bandaged up and couldn't see
but I told her the amount was too much (for me) to sleep on, but I could
tell her how to do a bolus. Remember, I just came out of anesthesia and
couldn't see. She went too slow and it cleared, so I repeated the
instructions. (-- sidebar: A few months later, fully coherent and driving, I
asked my hugsband to give me a bolus and couldn't for the life of me tell
him how to do it!!)

But, when I saw my endo I told him how surprised I was that the nurses in
Indy had listened to ME (unusual to take instructions from a patient). He
said, I'll tell you why. Everytime I looked at my pager it was Indy calling
me and I said, Is she awake? Yes. We'll, ask her what to do and quit calling
me. She knows more about DM than most doctors.

Sad to say, but my endo has not kept up with pumping and I've learned more
about it through the 'net than I have/did from him or a CDE. Endo was the
2nd dr. in Indiana to Rx pumps and even wore one for 3 days before allowing
a patient to start. I'm #7 in the area to get one. That was in the *monster*
pump days. It can be seen in a pic accessed through my website:

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C, 3/99)

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