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Re: [IP] pumping for surgery

    Well, I am freaking out about surgery myself.  I had a  friend go in for
surgery and she had a terrible experience with it. They have NO clue what
the pump is and how it works, NOR do they want to know!!

    I am going in for foot surgery soon and I am scared that they will kill
me.  My friend who has been pumping as long as I, opted to take her pump
off, because before her surgery she had a bg of 50. The surgery was not
long, so she felt instead of suspending and it beeping like mad at the
doctors and having them freak out and take it out, she gave it to her
husband and expected to go a little high.

    WELL, they put her on a Glucose drip. So she woke up VERY high. Then
they put her on an insulin drip!! Then they ignored everything and wouldn't
let her connect to her pump for awhile. I mean it was just a mess. I am so

    What are the suggestions here? How do I avoid this? I am even willing to
make someone scrub up and be in the room while performing surgery! UGH!!

Diabetic 15 out of my 26 years and pumping for 7 months

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