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[IP] Insurance Ed Classes

> Subject: Re: [IP] Coverage for pump education classes
> > > Has anyone gotten their insurance to pay for the pump education
> > > classes associated with initially "going on" the pump?  My insurance
> > > company as been giving me all sorts of trouble (CIGNA).
>  So,
> is anyone out there willing to share how much was their start up cost,
> and whether the insurance paid it all?
> Laura
	Mine were $35 each back in 96. 

	I had one 45 minute and 3 fifteen minute sessions with my educator.
She was great. I started right out on Humalog and inserted the first time. I
had problems with BCBS paying ed classes. I kept getting the bill, and I
kept saying bill BCBS.  BCBS said the doctors office wasn't coding it
correctly.  This went back and forth for several months.  The educator had
since moved on to go to work with MiniMed.  Doctor's office said the
Education part was separate from the Doctor's visit.    I kept telling them
I made an appointment with my Doctor, he greeted me each time and walked me
to a room next to his office and left me with the Educator.  I was never
told this is a separate billing, and a separate part of the visit...I really
raised hell and finally they took it off the bill.   I of course had paid my
$20 co pay each visit.  

	I know I was a bitch about it and it went on for 8 months....but I
was so mad.   Now I feel humbled because it was only $35 each visit.    The
insurance company won...they never paid.   But I wrote so many letters (have
always been a squeaky wheel) I think the docs office just gave up.    

	So, message to all pumpers,  Yell, write letters,  call whomever,
senators, insurance commissioners, I even wrote the CEO of the National and
State BCBS to get test strips covered (They are now).  Do whatever it takes.
Eventually they will get tired of all these noisy pumpers who stand up for
their rights and just give us what we need with no hassles (and pigs can

	It is ridiculous logic to hand you an insulin pump with no
instructions and expect you to know how to use it...The thing is, I believe,
that pump educators are a separate group of individuals and not a service of
the doctors office.  They are paid separately, not necessarily through endos
office.  That needs to be changed, so we don't have this stupid hassle.   
	Bonnie Richardson
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