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[IP] Re: Whitewater rafting

I went on the New River in West Virginia.  We didn't wear wetsuits as it
was hotter than hades out ;)  

I wore the MM sportguard (which comes with it's own belt stap) around my
waist - it fell just below my lifejacket.  The only annoying part of
that is when you are dragged back in the boat on your tummy ;)  I could
have worn it on my back but I felt more protected with it on my front

I am one of those who drops with exercise, therefore I had it suspended
for the last three hours of the ride after lunch!  This means that next
time I'll probably hook up and bolus for lunch and then just take it
off, making sure it is tied down to/in a dry bag.  It was definitely
cool to be lazily swimming along side the raft in the calm parts with my
pump just dandily coming along for the ride.  

I will be doing the gauley this fall (hopefully) - that is a more killer
ride so I will probably be in a wetsuit for skin protection - in that
case I'd still probably have it outside the wet suit so that it was more
easily accessible.

You can do *anything* with a pump :)


<<<<<Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 18:48:49 PDT
From: "sue depinto" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] I'm back! (camping trip)

Re:  I'm back! (camping trip) Susan - I'm impressed that you went
rafting with your pump.  I went last summer in Colorado and I had been 
wondering if you could do it with a pump I wasn't on it then. We had to
a wet suit. Did you? And was your pump inside or outsie of the wet suit
you wore one. Since I live in IL. don't know if I'll ever get back to do
again (my husband wouldn't go) , But I loved it. 2 people who didn't
the special "booties" feel out during a rough part.
Sue DePinto>>>>>
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