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> As far as I can tell, this is something someone dreamed up trying to
> account for possible risks. I don't believe any studies have ever
> been done to confirm this "theory" and it certainly is not born out
> by any contribution submitted to the mail list from it's 2500
> members. It is my understanding that to go into DKA, you would have
> to have
> 1) high bg's
> 2) keytones
> 3) be dehydrated
> Unless you were already ill and dehydrated, achieving this state by
> simply suspending insulin delivery would be difficult at best without
> getting numerous warning signs, even if sleeping.
> email @ redacted

A Christmas ago I was at a restaurant with a Party of 60, I bolused extra
for the piece of cherry pie with my meal. As I sat there I started getting
sicker and sicker. I tested, my purse meter (ExachTech pen) read Error -
four times. I asked my DM friend (of 63 yrs. duration) who was quite
disgusted that I'd even think of having pie, if she had a meter with her for
me to test. No. I knew I was bad off but had no idea - then as we got up to
leave I asked my driver and wife if I could go to the restroom. They
hesitated and said yes (how can you refuse that request?) - we had about an
hour drive home. I never made it to the restroom - I lost my pie and all on
the hall carpeting of this beautiful, quaint, Amish complex. A nurse friend
had me sit down, they got me a paper bag to take home in case of another
*barf.*  I did. When I got home, I tested on my Accu-Chek Complete: Hi. I
knew it was over 600. Before I left the house I was *normal.* I sat up to
sleep giving myself a couple units bolus every 1.5 hrs. and kept checking. I
was so out of it I didn't know enough to take a shot - or even how much. My
hugsband is a trucker - I was alone. I sat an alarm clock for 1 hr. so I
wouldn't NOT wake up. The next a.m. I decided (aware enough) I should change
my set. It was kinked. Perhaps the backseat seatbelt did it? But it was
within a short few hours - Humalog leaves the system quicker, therefore
leaving a T-1 without insulin making it easier to go into DKA.  I was
thirsty so sipped some water. But if you want to check this out, try staying
disconnecting and eat a big meal. YMMV
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C, 3/99)  webpage

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