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[IP] dilemma

I'm happy to hear about Alyssa's pump and sorry to hear about your dilemma. I 
am a "pumping parent" and not parent to a pumper, but wanted to respond.

My non-DM sister is 3 yrs younger than I and I don't ever remember treats 
being an issue in our family. I was diagnosed at 12 yrs., though. Jr. high 
kept me busy, I guess. Still offer healthy fun kids foods for him, encourage 
him as an important helper, let him know that Alyssa will have different 
problems being on the pump and she will need his help.

In regards to the party, I don't know what you are wanting to do, but some of 
the coolest partiest I remember as a kid was when our neighbors would rent a 
projection screen and borrow reel to reel silent movies from our BOCES Educ. 
center.  A movie might be nice, would keep the discussion light, and 
attention to something other than food. Summer blockbusters that are usually 
due out this time of the year. Don't know what ones are being released this 
summer, but usually something interesting to kids.

Just a thought and best of luck!
Beth H.

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