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[IP] Re: Explaining the pump

Mike just had his pump training last week.  Sadly, our CDE gave us a sheet of 
instructions to photocopy and keep on hand in case we ever have to go to ER.  
She told us that WE are better informed than the majority of the medical 
staff.  Kind of scary isn't it?  The information sheet we have has specific 
instructions for the medical staff such as :  leave the pump in place, allow 
patient to test their own blood glucose levels & adjust bolus as they have 
been taught.  It also has warnings:  Do not disconnect pump without giving 
insulin by another means.  
Mike hasn't had anyone question the pump...yet.  Mike is doing quite well and 
he really likes the pump.  I am thrilled.  We both like seeing those good 
numbers in stead of all the ups and downs.  Mike was taking between 50 & 60 
units of insulin prepump.  He is now taking between 32-38 units a day.
Connie, mom to Mike 14  
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