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Re: [IP] New to the list...

> Hi!  I am the mother of a four (almost 5) year old daughter who is
> just going on the pump.  She has been on a saline trial and goes in
> for the good stuff (insulin) tomorrow.  So far, it's been going very
> well.  She is scared but she trusts us when we tell her its the best
> thing in the long run. 

It is easy to allay the "scared" feeling. Aclimate her to the good 
things that happen to pumpers. Treat her to an ice cream sundae at 
your local ice cream parlor. Ice cream is just like milk with about 3 
extra grams per serving. The syrup (dont recall the carbs) does not 
add a lot and a one scoop sundae is not a lot of carbs. Make sure 
they weigh the ice cream as all the places I know are overly generous 
with the servings which make my daughter high unless we insist on the 
weighing. Most of the chain places also have nutritional info on site 
so you can just look up the numbers. My daughter has them memorized, 
unfortunately I don't remember a one scooper, or I'd just post  the 
numbers. Lily wanted a McD's apple pie right after she went live, 
maybe Annie has a favorite "denied" treat she is wishing for.

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