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[IP] Pototo chip flavor, old friend, or flirting???

A couple of days ago, my mom, little brothers (ages 7
and 10) and I were grocery shopping together.  We were
in the potato chip aisle, arguing over what flavor of
chips we should get (you know... the important things
in life :-)).  There was a guy stocking the shelves. 
He started looking at me and smiling.  I thought "Do I
know him? No, I don't think so.  Did one of the little
boys say something funny?  I don't remember... Do we
sound that stupid?" My mom noticed as well and was
thinking "Did Maureen go to high school with him?  No,
he looks too old and I don't remember him at all.  He
must be flirting with her in front of her mom and two
little brothers!"  Fortunately at this point, the guy
ends our stream of questions to ourselves.  "I see you
have a pump."  LOL, I get it!!!  I quickly give his
waist the once over, which he noticed.  He said that
he is getting one.  He talked about being nervous
about the insertion of the sets, I told him, it
doesn't hurt at all once it is in, and you don't have
to do it that often, and it really isn't that bad. 
That I love my pump.  I commented that I was impressed
that he noticed because not all of my pump was showing
(I had a t-shirt on), he said the tubing hang out gave
it away.  LOL, I KNEW there was a reason (other than
to get it stuck in intersting ways) to not
consistently tucking in my tubing!  By this time the
chip flavor was decided (I even got the flavor I
wanted even though I was not fighting for it in the
end!), and my family was moving on.  While I do find
there is an incredible amount of ignorance about the
pump, I am finding that more and more people have at
least heard about it.  The day before, I had met
someone with a pump at a wedding reception.  So while
we each might only contribute a teaspoonful of
knowledge through our many mini-lectures, 3 teaspoons
equal a tablespoon, 16 tablespoons equal a cup, 2 cups
equals a pint, 2 pints equal a quart, 4 quarts equal a

Maureen and Jude

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