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re:[IP] I've heard the good...what about the bad?

Be forwarned, starting on the pump is like starting D all over again.  Many of
the rules change.

Being meticulous about your eaten carbs will now have a meaning.  More numerous
BG tests are a real possibility as they will give you real informatin to use in
controling BS.

You will likely lose some sleep in the next few months getting your night time
basals set.  After that you could be up at 3:00AM often to check on that pizza
you scarfed down at dinner.

You will have failed infusion sites that send you BG WAY up.  When this happens
you will have to have a shot.  This happens infrequently enough that it is a
novelty.  My daughter almost misses the show she used to put on in restaurants.

You will have a new sleeping companion and you will be more attached to it than
you are to any one else in that bed.

You will be doing lots of math.

You may become a geek with a calculator in you pocket.

I can't imagine going back to NPH.

Curtis Lomax

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