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[IP] New to the list...

Hi!  I am the mother of a four (almost 5) year old daughter who is just going on the pump.  She has been on a saline trial and goes in for the good stuff (insulin) tomorrow.  So far, it's been going very well.  She is scared but she trusts us when we tell her its the best thing in the long run.  Anyway, I wanted to add my two cents about insurance companies...Anna is under good control now (last A1C was 6.8) and initially our insurance company denied our request for a pump because they said her control was very good now so why switch.  Well...we wrote them a LONG letter telling them about how difficult it was to achieve that number and how our entire family's health was under threat from getting up and checking her blood sugar during the night so she wouldn't have a seizure...and they changed their mind!  I think that using your good control as evidence of the effort you are willing to put into caring for yourself can be used as a good motivational tool when dealing with the big bad insurance people.  It's worth a try!  Thank you for all your posts.  I can see that this list will be very helpful.  Charissa Reid