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Subject: [IP] I've heard the good...what about the bad?

Most of the inconveniences of the pump are kind of parts of the "learning
curve."  Like the time a battery went dead in the pump just as we got to a 2
hour skating party that was 45 minutes from our house, and we didn't have
any spares with us.  Or running out of insulin away from home because you
forgot to  pay attention to the "insulin left" indicator.  So, you have to
be organized to deal with your pump's needs as well as your diabetes needs.
But, once you get the hang of it, and keep complete infusion site change and
batteries with you, then it ceases to be a problem.

Jenna has had ketones twice in two years due to pump failures.  Actually,
one of the "failures" was really user error, but none-the-less, it wasn't
delivering insulin, and she woke up with ketones.  The other instance was an
occlusion, and unfortunately, Jenna simply does not wake up with the alarm.
In both cases, we used an injection of Humalog, ran the temporary basal at
200%, forced fluids, and the ketones had cleared within a few hours.

Now, would you like to hear some of our MDI horror stories?  I have more of
them by far than pump horror stories.

Nancy Morgan

<<I would like to
hear some bad things about the pump from some of you.  What is
the thing that dislike most about the pump?   Also, I keep hearing about the
increased risk of DKA.  How often does this occur?  >>

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