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Re: RE[IP] Cure for diabetes? HA!-Ginny and Melba

Melba and Ginny....reading your posts, I feel very bad for what you have 
been through.  However, here's my two cents worth.  While you two and Jim 
have different opinions and feelings on this topic, I do not get the 
impression that Jim is personally attacking YOU.  He is merely stating what 
he knows through his job.  I highly doubt that this is some sort of 
conspiracy from him against you, which is the feeling I get when I read your 
posts. Can't we all just get along???? Life is too short to be angry and 
bitter at someone who is NOT PLOTTING AGAINST YOU!  He is just stating what 
he knows, just as you are stating what you know, what has happened to you. I 
wish that everyone would get along.

>From: Melba D Fisher <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: RE[IP] Cure for diabetes? HA!
>     Thank you for your eloquence in stating the obvious.  Jim did not
>respond to "Cure" only the governments roll, makes you wonder.
>    Melba Diane

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