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[IP] Scanning problem

Ah the dangers of merely scanning ones messages....

I read the message repeated below but only picked up a 
couple lines, first:

>>I went on vacation last week and I had problems with 
my softsets....

Then a misread of the reply below that:

>1) Use a bared wire like Smith & Wesson...

*blink* sigh... I think I've been indoors too much 
today... I need to take a walk around campus before I 

-Sara G. (a.k.a. Sara BF -- Brain Fart)


>> I went on vacation last week and I had problems 
>> with my softsets. Whenever I got hot and started 
>> sweating my softsets would fall out.
>> I went through 3 soft sets in 3 days!!!  Does 
>> anyone have any suggestions on what kind of 
>> tape I can use that would stick better
>> when I sweat?  This is posing as a 
>> significant problem considering that I 
>> spend a lot of time outside being active.
> 1) use a barrier wipe like Smith & Nephew IV Prep 
> or Skin Prep this will help the set stick.
> 2) put a layer of tape down first like PolySkin 
> II, IV3000, etc.... the SofSets come with two 
> tapes pieces, use one of them under the set
> and insert through it.
> 3) use a clear no-scent stick anti-prespirant 
> to keep the skin under the set from sweating
> 4) switch to Tenders/Sils/Comfort sets

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