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Re: [IP] Coverage for pump education classes-what does it cost?

>Has anyone gotten their insurance to pay for the pump education classes
>associated with initially "going on" the pump?  My insurance company as been
>giving me all sorts of trouble (CIGNA).

We are having trouble with our insurance over this too, but slightly
different. Our company (Aetna) says the amount they were charged ($500)
is more than the usual/reasonable amount for this charge. They are
refusing to pay 33% of it. This includes the cost for the initial start
up appointment, the bottle of H, all follow up phone calls, one follow
up visit with each of the endo, the CDE, and the dietician. Our CDE says
the usual charge is actually about twice this much, but they charged us
less because we were so prepared and did not require as much of her time
and effort. She says places like Joslin often charge $1200 or more. So,
is anyone out there willing to share how much was their start up cost,
and whether the insurance paid it all?
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