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Re: [IP] Explaining the pump

>In a message dated 6/27/00 10:11:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted
><< What is really scary is going to the hospital ans having one of the ER
> nurses ask "What is that thing >>
>   No - what's really scary - is that both you and we are in a major
>metropolitan area (Phila) and what you're describing is what we faced FOUR
>YEARS ago when Melissa was in the ER because I thought ( mistakenly) that she
>was going into DKA. I keep hoping that things are improving - and in some
>ways they are- but I also feel some days that all of our collective efforts
>at educating the "masses" represent only a teaspoon of information sprinkled
>upon a massive ocean of ignorance!
>Regards, Renee (pump mom to 17 yr old Melissa)

Don't you think we owe the general public (and medical community) 
some latitude on this?  Unless the medical field is specialized, 
should we expect them to know much about the pump?  I knew nothing 
about Type 1 diabetes or the pump before my son was diagnosed and 
still wouldn't if he never had been.  I find even the endo's in this 
area are still lacking in-depth knowledge about the pump.  Our RN at 
Noah's school didn't know there was a difference between Type 1 and 
2.  We just have to continue educating ourselves and others - until 
that teaspoon becomes a tablespoon, cup, quart, and so on and so 

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx 6/96, pumper since 7/99

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