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Re: [IP] pump explanations, misconceptions

Dear whomever (you didn't sign your name :) )
All you can do is to keep on what you are doing..taking care of yourself.
Sometimes you can talk to people til you are blue in the face and it won't
make a difference.
Keep on keeping on ok?
email @ redacted

At 02:07 PM 06/27/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>I recently had to deal with some misconceptions that my 
>significant other had been fed by her family.  They 
>informed her that my diabetes must be very serious and 
>that I must be really sick and have a lot of problems.  
>Of course, anything I said about my pump was incorrect 
>because her relatives work in the medical field 
>(phlebotomists).  Yeah... I was told I was wrong and they 
>were right.  All I could say was, "Who do you think knows 
>more, someone who does blood draws as ordered by a 
>physician, or someone who has the disease, and fought for 
>2 years to get a pump and does every bit of research they 
>can to avoid complications?"  It was a very bitter 
>argument, but I think I got my point across.  It's 
>frustrating that all of the work I did to get this thing, 
>so that I can take better care of myself, makes me look 
>like a 'bad' diabetic.  I'm still thankful everyday that 
>I have it.  The argument kind of put me into a slump 
>where I would look at it and hate it, but I know how 
>grateful I should be, and I am.  :)

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