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Re: [IP] Re: silly explanations

> And I wouldn't joke about it with everyone, of course. Just as, when
> emailing someone about the status of a grant application, I delete the
> line in my .sig below  :-)
> --
> Keith Johnson
> Fleischmann Planetarium
> email @ redacted
> "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

But Keith, that's one of the bits of wisdom you've shared that I've
committed to memory, for all of those occasions (& yes, there are many) when
it's proven to be the most useful thing to add into a conversation!  :)

Seriously, to those of you who offer quotes, proverbs, etc. with your posts
(Jack, Kerri) - THANK YOU!!!  Sometimes that oddly wise of entertaining
little snippet of thought is exactly what is needed at the end (or even the
beginning) of a long day!


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