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Re: [IP] I've heard the good...what about the bad?

> Also, I keep hearing about the increased risk of DKA. 
> How often does this occur?  Is it a "once in a lifetime" occurance

As far as I can tell, this is something someone dreamed up trying to 
account for possible risks. I don't believe any studies have ever 
been done to confirm this "theory" and it certainly is not born out 
by any contribution submitted to the mail list from it's 2500 
members. It is my understanding that to go into DKA, you would have 
to have
1) high bg's
2) keytones
3) be dehydrated

Unless you were already ill and dehydrated, achieving this state by 
simply suspending insulin delivery would be difficult at best without 
getting numerous warning signs, even if sleeping.
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