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[IP] Re: silly explanations

Recently Jan opined:

> The saying is, you can catch more flies with honey (in this case, *sugar*)
> than with vinegar.  If we want the rest of the world to be aware and accept
> us, why not a non-sarcastic one-on-one factual explanation as to what our
> miracle boxes are?

I absolutely and totally agree, even though I was one who suggested a silly
response to inquiries about the pump. I truly didn't mean we should reply
sarcastically--"You dummy, don't you know anything?"--but rather just make a
quick joke about it, so the inquirer sees that it's not a big serious thing
like a miniature iron lung. Then I always go on to a serious explanation of
what it is, to whatever length the inquirer seems to want. No one ever seems
to be offended (maybe they're used to me...), and the fact that I can joke
about the pump makes it easier for them to discuss it, I think.

And I wouldn't joke about it with everyone, of course. Just as, when
emailing someone about the status of a grant application, I delete the last
line in my .sig below  :-)

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
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