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Re: [IP] Cure for diabetes? HA!

You know- I really am considering moving somewhere else. :)
Too bad no other planets are open but we as humans would just destroy them
Thursday will be the day my best friend died of Dursban poisoning. Finally
the EPA has banned it but the sad thing is that is can be sold until it is
sold out so wonder how many others will have too suffer. I was also
pesticide poisoned and have alot of health problems to deal with and have
had to deal with the government and since I was and still am involved in
advocacy you would be surprised at how badly the chemical companies don't
wish to hear from us and we are told we can drink the stuff and nothing
will happen. Yep this happened here at our electric company meeting which
is a co-op and we live in an area where there are protected species and
there sits a chemical company rep telling the people they can srink the
stuff. The stuff would kill them. Sadly we live in an area where 50% of the
kids do not graduate from college and many people cannot read so they
believe what they hear. How sad...
Besides it IS against the Federeal Trade Commission law to say things like
Maybe the CDC would be interested but I won't hold my breathe. 
I have a down attitude because I personally have dealt with the government
in trying to make something right which was wrong because the person lied
to get a permit and they saw that and they were too lazy to do anything
about it. Now people cannot even listen to thier own TV's or telephones but
they are told they have cheap equipment. Let alone thier exposures to RF
and EMF's which our country doesn't believe in but other countries do. Our
country has the FDA..which still tests medicines which have been in use for
years in other countries without problems. Why invent the wheel and keep
help from those who need it in our country.
Because of my poisonsing I am down. I am dying :) isn't that a happy
thought?? I take over 50 meds a day to try to stay alive and a bone marrow
transplant is no  longer and option. I have to use a 25,000.00 wheelchair
and we have to buy a van with a life and insurance doesn't cover that and
even though I worked because I have not worked in 10 yrs I cannot get SSD
or SSI yet my hubby works his butt off so we can pay every body elses
welfare- how fair is that? We need the help..we cannot get it..there are
those who are abusing the system and they collect 2-3 checks- yep I am
down.Walk in my shoes and see how you would do:) on the 29th I will be
thinking of my 36 yr old friend who suffered for 14 years and died a year
ago because of these darned chemicals. I used to work in the medical field
and no one ever told me (this was before OSHA) that formaldehyde was ahuman
Well we used that every day without gloves or the proper protection. I am
in constant pain for which I am now on oxycontin and the next step will
soon be a morphine pump. Yep life is just dandy here. Let me tell you that
if you want to take  my place anytime you are welcome.
You also should know because the US government experimented on my dad
during WWII when he was a young man just 20 yrs old they put him through
the gas tanks and he had to remove his mask and was exposed to phosgene,
lewsite(sp) and mustard gas. Thanks to that he was always sick and now he
is severe parkinson's which now has been shown to be caused by these types
of governemt things. Nothing can remove that from him.
Wanna walk in his shoes? And then there is my mom who has had the most
awful diabetes care in the city where they live and she had open heart
surgery and had a severe allergic reaction to the anesthesia (which the
doctor was told about) and when she came around after 2 months and spent 6
months in rehab to relearn things and still has no memory and that doctor
never had the guts to come and tell the family...wanna walk in her shoes?

Yes I am down this week. My news isn't good for me. I just had my second
grandchild but have 2 more married children and I won't be here to see
thier babies...
So let me have my time to grieve the loss of me....This is suppose to be a
support group and I am allowed my feelings.  I also have lupus, MS,
connective tissue disease, siezures which are getting worse (can't drive
anymore and sound and light trigger them plus other siezures I have and a
very bad immune system that won't fight anything off anymore.
Every day is spent trying to live. I am not normally sad..but I am today
through the 29th as I remember my friend and I will have a sad spell the
week of Aug 24th because that was when a restricted use organophosphate
pesticide was used in our home when we were in our home and my hubby has
been affected as well as 2 of my children. My one was up north when this
took place. We could not sue the company because toxic tort cases are very
expensive and he did not have any insurance. We had to sell our home we
gained 500.00 and lost everything my piano, our clothes or mattresses etc
everything. Because the man had mental problems as he was a Nam vet and had
this mental thing to kill everything. he killed our pets. My hubby no
longer makes tesoterone because the chemicals used are estrogen mimickers.
He came down with auto-immune disease of the tyroid also plus his tests are
now showing his immune system is like mine. Neither if us can be exposed to
these chemicals. We have to live in a special house with everything
filtered and way out in a county where there is no agriculture. When we
went up to see our new little grandson I went to my sister;s house. She had
her place sprayed and didn;t tell me and I spend a night in one siezure
after another in the hospital. I almost died.
So yes this week I am down..and sad..and will be again in August..
All of this affects my diabetes (BGs) but once I got on some pain meds it
helped bring down my numbers and for the first time in 5 years of pumping
my A1C was 7.3 and my non fasting BG was 102. But it took hours of
untolerable pain until I found an endo who knew because he was Jewish and
so is his wife and and his family some survived the Holocost and some died.
But the chemicals change genes so he and his wife also have problems. I
thank G-d that we found each other all because I had a bladder infection
BTW I am learning to self catheritize because my bladder has neurogenic
problems. I have had numerous MRIs CT scans blood work so this is all on my
medical records..
Yes you are welcome anytime to trade places with me.
Have a great day! BTW- you cannot tell me how I feel is totally wrong. I
think you would feel the same way too. My feelings are real and for now I
am entitled to them :)
Member of Board of Directors CIIN (Chemical Injury Information Network) 

ps they are now finding out that pesticides can create an autoimmune
response that can cause diabetes..so yes..I am down..I am tired of hearing
of people I am helping die and the government says it was all in thier
head..I doubt dying is in one's head do you?

At 09:07 AM 06/27/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Wow, Ginny, i'm sorry you have such a down attitude about this.  It surely
>isn't a healthy attitude, especially when it is totally worng.   Cures for
>many diseases will surely be found in the next 10 years.  There is more

>human energy and money now directed toward this effort thatn ever before in
>history.  Yes the fed gov't is a bureacracy and the drug comanies are
>profit driven, but there is such a major universsal  effort out now to cure
>illness and disease that it is unstoppable.  Keep the faith. As bad as you
>think it is here, try to imagine living somewhere else.
>I will have to agree to disagree with you on this topic. There is alot to
>lose for all sorts of pharmaceuticals if there is a cure for diabetes and
>[blah, blah.....]
>misusing RF and EMF's and exposures where we live on north Georgia it would
>take a hard sell for me to believe much the US gov has to say which is true
>about anything.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml