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Re: [IP] re: I've heard about the good..what about the bad? (LONG)

>It seems like it would be very difficult to keep the tube from kinking if
I were to route it down my pants and back up under my shirt, thus crossing
the beltline twice.

I've worn mine that way for many years and never had a problem.

>It also seems to me that this theory about below the beltline being comfy
may apply to females more than males.  Based on my absolute lack of
experience and being a male, it doesn't seem to me like that would be

A womens belt line is at an entirely different location on the anatomy than
a mans and ones mans belt line is not the same as the next.  I wear mine
quite low.  An infusion site below my belt line would not be comfortable.
By the way I am male.

Tnx, Corky 

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