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Re: [IP] re: I've heard about the good..what about the bad? (LONG)

In a message dated Tue, 27 Jun 2000  1:25:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Amy Martin <email @ redacted> writes:

<<... A secret, supposedly under the belt
line is more comfy than upper abdomen.
Almost 17 yrs old!:-)

I just received my pump today and have a question about this.  I haven't been to any kind of pump training yet, so this is probably obvious to most: Just how does one route the tube from the pump (assuming it's worn on belt) to the belly when wearing a tucked in shirt with no buttons.  It seems like it would be very difficult to keep the tube from kinking if I were to route it down my pants and back up under my shirt, thus crossing the beltline twice.

It also seems to me that this theory about below the beltline being comfy may apply to females more than males.  Based on my absolute lack of experience and being a male, it doesn't seem to me like that would be comfortable.  

T1 30 years, about to start pumping with MM 508 

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