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[IP] re: I've heard about the good..what about the bad? (LONG)

 Boy have I got this question answered!
 The good TOTALLY beats the bad. But the pump can have
probs. I've had a zillion probs which you never get
warned about, but I don't think it's all the pump, as
much as me, my own sense of fine tuning, my
ridiculously over-sensitive skin, my body's decision
to only respond to Humalog when it's convenient, and
of course, my raging teenage hormones! (hey, everyone
else likes this excuse so I might as well accept it)
 As for DKA, that would only occur if you really
weren't paying attention. Duh, they tell you 2 highs
over 240, do a shot and change your set. IE--this shot
will prevent DKA. My own example-I wound up in
hospital with a bg of 839 in January (after pumping 7
mos), yet, I had very small ketones--I'd been watching
the ketones all day so of course, I was able to bat
those with fluids, but not the BG--in the end, never
found what was wrong. I was put on shots for 2 days
and still wildly out of control, so never got an
answer--my OWN theory--H goes bad frequently, and by
trusting purely H, you must be aware that the insulin
does have its own issues at times. (I've counted about
3 bad bottles in my stash--I usually get 3weeks to a
month from a "good" bottle)
 Set probs-- Well, everyone is different. Just pray
you have enough fat and also skin that isn't
sensitive. Ideally, that would help us all. When I
started pumping, so many folks told me to gain a few
pounds and my set probs would go away--in the end, I
went through every inf. set available to find a half
way decent one, as well as realizing certain
extremities and parts of the abdomen aren't great
places for any sort of infusion set. And also, if
you're lucky you won't have tape probs. Personally, I
use about 4 pieces of tape to get 2-3 days out of a
set. Personally, I think it's outrageous, but nothing
likes to stick to me. Again, if you're lucky, or most
likely, you won't have any tape probs, and remember,
there are a ZILLIOn tricks out there. Personally, I
just found Transpore tape (which is like what they use
on ivs in hospital), and I have a piece of IV 3000 on
bottom, a Bent Needle (no it doesn't hurt!) inf. set,
the other sof set tape on top, with 2 pieces of
transpore covering it all. I'm on day 2 with NO probs
or discomfort. A secret, supposedly under the belt
line is more comfy than upper abdomen.
 As for the bad of pumping, I'm sure a bunch of us
could name a lot, but I think everyone agrees despite
the hassles, like needing a set change at 3am, the
pump is well worth it. The bad is totally OUT weighed.
If you any problems or get discouraged, complain to
the list, that's what we're there for. I know
personally I was ready several times to get off the
pump, but am glad I never did. The good of pumping is
so good that you'll probably never even consider
returning to shots.
Almost 17 yrs old!:-)

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