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Re: [IP] Explaining the pump

> I agree with this scenario being scary.  I 
> have been in the ER too and had to deal with 
> medical personnel who wanted to remove my pump 
> while I was there. They were sort of 
> condescending - like, "Santana, we are going 
> to remove your pump.  Don't worry we can 
> test your blood sugar levels while you are 
> here.  How much NPH do you take w/your pump?"  
> UGHHHHHHH!!!!  Here I am sick as a dog and
> viciously fighting for my pump to stay put. 
> I can't believe how ignorant the medical 
> staff in ER's are about pumps.  I can't 
> believe medical professionals are not taught 
> a little bit about it w/the diabetes seminar 
> (or wherever else they get their diabetic 
> education).
In my experience, medical personel are deathly afraid 
of written complaints.  If I were in that situation I 
could see myself saying.

"Do you intend to refuse treatment if I don't let you 
take this off? Fine.  I'll find another E.R., except to 
receive a cc of the letter I'll be writting your chief 
of staff tomorrow."

or, give tit-for-tat condescencion:

"In even suggesting that you've proven you're 
unqualified, find me another physician or listen to 
someone who IS qualified." *point-at-self*

or perhaps less direct sarcasm:

"I came here to get better, not worse.  I believe 
you're look for the euthanasia ward, it's down the hall 
to the left."

or then of course there's blunt aggression:

"Do it, and you'll draw it back a bloody stump." --
(Quote courtessy of my 7th grade study hall supervisor, 
funny the pearls of wisdom that stick with ya)

-Sara G.

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