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Re: [IP] Explain

> Just a response to the comment made yesterday about people still calling D
> "sugar"...I was at Wal Mart last night  and a man noticed my medic alert
> bracelet.  He, trying to be friendly I guess, stated..."you got "sugar"?"
> looked at him and patted my pockets and said "not on me, do you need
> We got into a short conversation about D and calling it "sugar".  I hope
> think my sarcasm educated him a little.
> I am going to have to try the line:  its a phone attached to my butt!

Wayyy back in 1967 we were preparing to move. Where we were going there was
no kindergarten and my dtr was not entering the one we were leaving since
she would be there 1-2 months only, then pulled out. (This was in the *olden
days*.) People were asking her if she would be going to kindergarten; after
a while she blurted out, "NO! WE'RE GOING TO MOVE!!"  The problem there was,
she was tired of explaining, but the inquirer had not heard it before. I
read all these *explanation* posts and marvel at the *cutsey* remarks when
the inquirers have not heard the explanation of a pump before. As someone
else here once said, how much do *we* know about cystic fibrosis, lupus,
etc., etc.

When we were dx'd we HAD to get educated - some of us are still learning.
The saying is, you can catch more flies with honey (in this case, *sugar*)
than with vinegar.  If we want the rest of the world to be aware and accept
us, why not a non-sarcastic one-on-one factual explanation as to what our
miracle boxes are? We can walk away from that brief encounter with a smile
in our hearts that we have claimed one more truthfully educated person who
may pass the info on to someone else who needs a pump.  YMMV

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C, 3/99)  webpage

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