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Re: [IP] Explaining the pump

I agree with this scenario being scary.  I have been in the ER too and had to
deal with medical personnel who wanted to remove my pump while I was there.
They were sort of condescending - like, "Santana, we are going to remove your
pump.  Don't worry we can test your blood sugar levels while you are here.  How
much NPH do you take w/your pump?"  UGHHHHHHH!!!!  Here I am sick as a dog and
viciously fighting for my pump to stay put.  I can't believe how ignorant the
medical staff in ER's are about pumps.  I can't believe medical professionals
are not taught a little bit about it w/the diabetes seminar (or wherever else
they get their diabetic education).

"Andrew Bender, M. D." wrote:

> What is really scary is going to the hospital ans having one of the ER
> nurses ask "What is that thing?" When you tell them its a pump everyone
> comes over to look at it, including the ER doc. Then there is this pause
> followed by a sigh, "I never seen one of those before." How does it
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