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[IP] pump explanations, misconceptions

I recently had to deal with some misconceptions that my 
significant other had been fed by her family.  They 
informed her that my diabetes must be very serious and 
that I must be really sick and have a lot of problems.  
Of course, anything I said about my pump was incorrect 
because her relatives work in the medical field 
(phlebotomists).  Yeah... I was told I was wrong and they 
were right.  All I could say was, "Who do you think knows 
more, someone who does blood draws as ordered by a 
physician, or someone who has the disease, and fought for 
2 years to get a pump and does every bit of research they 
can to avoid complications?"  It was a very bitter 
argument, but I think I got my point across.  It's 
frustrating that all of the work I did to get this thing, 
so that I can take better care of myself, makes me look 
like a 'bad' diabetic.  I'm still thankful everyday that 
I have it.  The argument kind of put me into a slump 
where I would look at it and hate it, but I know how 
grateful I should be, and I am.  :)
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