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[IP] Explaining the pump

What is really scary is going to the hospital ans having one of the ER
nurses ask "What is that thing?" When you tell them its a pump everyone
comes over to look at it, including the ER doc. Then there is this pause
followed by a sigh, "I never seen one of those before." How does it work?
You explain that it covers the basel but you have to bolus, How do you know
how much, "you mean it isn't automatic?" One would expect in an ER they
would have seen at least one pump before or they would have been educated by
the endo's in the hospital. One kid looked at the pump and asked me what
stations I got on it. My cousin's husband asked me if it was a cell phone, I
don't care who sees it and what they think. It's part of me, just like my
pacemaker/defibrillator which is like a hockey puck under the skin. AB,
truly bionic and assimilated by the borg collective.

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