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[IP] explain...thank you

THANKS to everyone who responded to my request on how to deal with weird
looks from people and explaining the  pump.  I also wear my pump in plain
sight for everyone to see and sometimes my insertion site is exposed.  I am
glad that we have a place to go to talk to people and get ideas, some very
comical I might add, on how to deal with everyday life.  A nice break from
talking about complications and insurance.

Just a response to the comment made yesterday about people still calling D
"sugar"...I was at Wal Mart last night  and a man noticed my medic alert
bracelet.  He, trying to be friendly I guess, stated..."you got "sugar"?"  I
looked at him and patted my pockets and said "not on me, do you need some?"
We got into a short conversation about D and calling it "sugar".  I hope to
think my sarcasm educated him a little.
Thank you,

I am going to have to try the line:  its a phone attached to my butt!

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